Well Drilling

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welldrilltrucksIn 1975, Orville was on the committee with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources who established the water well industries requirements for well & pump installations. Orville’s tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the well drilling industry made him invaluable to this process. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is the regulatory agency for water well drillers, geo-thermal drillers and installers, pump installers and monitoring well drillers. A minimum standard for the amount of casing required for specific areas was established as well as the requirement all wells had to utilize a pitless adapter. A pitless adapter allows for the wellhead to be above ground and not buried below ground thus preventing surface water from contaminating your well water.

Schroepfer Well Drilling, Inc. drills wells to supply private residences, irrigation systems, trailer parks, commercial irrigation, apples orchards, grape vineyards, blueberry orchards or any project that requires water.

Water is our most basic need. It must be protected from contamination at all times. We have consultation services available for both new installations and re-trofit repairs to help the customer determine if appropriate sizing or construction of the system was completed. If a system was not properly constructed when it was installed the casing may be leaking, causing staining, sand/sediment in the water or contamination. Our down hole camera allows us to visually inspect the integrity of the casing as well as the finish hole. Contact us today to see what’s inside your well.