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pumprepairIn a new well system, the well and casing is the foundation of your well system, just like the foundation of your home. But, without the proper pump system you still won’t have water flowing out the fixtures. A pump system must be sized and installed properly. Before a well is to be drilled your water consumption is calculated so that when the pump is sized and installed the adequate water supply is there. A well and pump system should supply about 10 gallons per minute for normal household usage. Once the normal household usage is accounted for then any additional water usage is looked at; irrigation, barns and higher household usage. After all those considerations are completed, the well is drilled, pump installed and your system should flow correctly providing an adequate water supply to meet all your needs.

We also utilize the constant pressure pump systems. This variable frequency technology has improved private water systems by virtually eliminating pressure fluctuations. The Subdrive can also be used to retrofit an existing system.

In an existing system, some repairs may eventually need to be performed. Pumps, pressure tank, pressure gauges, pressure switches and even water lines don’t last forever. Some thing to watch for would be the “short cycling” of the system. The pump kicks on with limited water usage; you fill a glass with water and the pump runs. This situation is very hard on the pump itself. Typically with this situation the pressure tank needs to be replaced. If you are experiencing air coming out of the fixtures this can mean a hole in the drop pipe in the well or a check valve that is not working correctly. Either situation is very frustrating for you as the water user.

We carry the Well-X-Trol brand of Pre-Charged Pressure Tanks, which is an industry leader and has the best warranty on the market – 7 years.

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