Water Conditioning and Treatment

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Hard water stains in the shower, bathtub, and coffee pots can easily be treated. A Water-Right water softener can correct those hard water problems. The savings of laundry soap, bath soap, dishwasher soap and your time saved from scrubbing soap scum and hard water stains; offsets the cost of the softener.

Additives to the mineral bed can be used to treat “rotten egg” smell caused by sulfur in the water. Sulfur is a gas in water that typically causes no other problem except to your nose. Sulfur will dissipate once it is aerated through the fixture. The KDF water softener will remove the sulfur smell before it gets to the fixture. The softener unit is no larger than a normal softener unit, but the mineral bed is extremely different.

Another additive to the mineral bed will treat iron in water. Iron can cause stains in the toilet stool, sinks and bathtubs. In instances iron can also cause some changes in the taste of the water also. But again this can be treated and clear water is the end result.

Every household has different water needs. The Water-Right line of water conditioning systems and filters each designed to treat different water problems.

water-rightWater-Right is known for quality water solutions.

For the last half century, Water-Right has built a reputation as one of the most respected pioneers in the water treatment industry. Today, as it was at the start, Water-Right is family owned and operated. Their family values have helped to drive the Water-Right brand to be a name the industry knows and trusts.

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